Lanzarote and sport:

It is well known that the island of Lanzarote has a spring climate that allows the practice of outdoor sports all the yea . Being an island water sports are the most widespread and diversified ( Racing , surfing, windsurfing , kite boarding , fishing, kayaking , diving, swimming crossings … ).

The practice of others such as triathlon, running , mountain biking grows every year as we can see by the rise of competitions held on the island (Iron Man, Enduro Man , etc.).

Another indicator of the growing importance of sport in the island are modern complex for elite athletes that have been used for the preparation of their seasons by some renowned such as Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa , Mark Weber, Dani Pedrosa … keep in mind the clean, modern facilities for its golf courses , numerous tennis courts and paddle , as well as hiking and mountain biking routes also allow you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Lanzarote while you practice your favorite sport . Also highlight the fans on the island to the world of Rally that has given to the island a number of national champions in the form of land and currently has several races in the world championship with Yeray Lemes.

Not surprisingly, senior national teams and Olympic teams around the world have to Lanzarote as a meeting point for preparation and rest.

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