The History of the Cruiser Bicycle

Although many people already know them,  we would like to explain what is considered a Cruiser bicycle, also known as Beach Bikes. Their main features are that they have wheels with wide balls/tyres. Also wider handlebars, large comfy seats and a healthy riding position with your back straight. They are usually single speed and the rear brake is a back pedal (Coaster brake). All these items make them very comfortable for cycling on flat areas and they allow you to enjoy the ride sightseeing more than a mountain or road bike.

This type of bike was born on the U.S. by Schwinn Bicycles factory when brand managers went to Europe looking for improvements to its wheels and fitted ball tires to their bikes. They gained a lot of popularity during the ’30s and ’40s, because of their prices and durability as well as their fashion and cool design.

During the 50s and 60s popularity fell with the advent of lighter models and thinner wheel that allows more speed.

On the late 70s and early 80s they became the basis of mountain bikes when Californian Bikers started to use them in their local mountains. They could get a very good price in private garages that they were stored. Then, with small improvements they allowed a faster roll down the tracks. Its main advantage was its strength, abundance and price.

They are trendy and used by celebrities all over the world

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On the 90s they began to become popular again due to bike companies that improved their designs and  mechanichs. Today CRUISER BIKES do not leave anyone indifferent, they are trendy and used by celebrities all over the world.

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